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Check Out the Top 4 Tips for Party Makeup to Last All Night

One of the biggest concerns women have when they have an event scheduled is how to keep their makeup perfect during the occasion. Smudged lips, smudged eyeliner, and oily skin don't mix with parties, clubs, or even a date for two. If these slips happen often, you're probably missing some trick or important step behind them. To help keep the makeup intact and flawless all night, check out 4 useful tips to put into practice for the next Party makeup in Melbourne!

Foundation with matte effect ensures better makeup fixation

Who has never been bothered by the oiliness of the skin after a few hours of makeup at the club? To prevent this from happening, care already begins at the time of face preparation. In addition to washing the skin and leaving it hydrated, the tip is to choose a medium to the high-coverage foundation that has a matte finish. It will guarantee a dry and velvety effect on the face. The trick is to apply the product in small amounts and little by little, reinforcing in a second layer the areas where the skin spots are visible.

Another super simple tip that guarantees the foundation for longer is to apply a little powder on your face. The product will disguise the exaggerated shine and avoid any accumulation of oiliness, especially in the corners of the nose and mobile eyelid. For those who naturally live with oily skin, don't go overboard with the highlighter: the advice is to apply the product in small amounts only to key points on the face.

Eyeliner in pen and kajal pencil can replace liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner may even be an indispensable item in some girls' makeup, but over time, the texture tends to melt in the eyes, leaving that smudged and oily look in the area. To avoid the dreaded appearance of smudged eyes in the middle of the night, how about replacing the product with an eyeliner pen? In addition to not having to wait for the product to dry for a long time, this format has a drier and matte finish. It ensures more elegant make-up and is far from any smudging. A Party makeup service in Melbourne can also offer this service to get the best result.

The kajal pencil is another product that can also replace liquid eyeliner, as it has a double advantage: forming the line outlined or blending the mobile eyelid, creating a powerful "Smokey eye", just like the classic black eye shadow.

Matte and long-lasting lipsticks also keep the make-up perfect throughout the occasion

Eating, drinking, and even ambient heat can make lipstick smudge or smudge easily. Therefore, if the event is important, it is worth investing in long-lasting products, which are composed of a lot of wax and little oil. It prevents the product from easily leaving the lips. Another tip is to bet on lipsticks that have a matte finish, as the dry texture also fixes the product better, preventing you from running to the bathroom all the time to touch it up. However, for those who prefer creamy lipsticks, the tip is to first apply a dense concealed to the lips, as the product will also act as a lipstick fixer.

Don't give up the waterproof eyelash mask

Eyelash mascara that smudges or flakes off after some time is also not cool. Therefore, to avoid this type of beauty disaster, the tip is to always bet on waterproof products. The formula of this types of mask forms a protective layer on the hair and is more resistant to any type of moisture, such as perspiration, rain, and tears. Therefore, the risk of having black blurred eyes throughout the night is much lower.

So, are you looking for the best place that offers a full body makeover and Henna brow service in Melbourne at affordable price? Keep in touch with My Beauty Stop.

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